Catering by Linda
Catering by Linda

You take such good care of me! I love how your meals are well-balanced and are just the right portions to keep me going at work! I am definitely more effective at work after one of your yummy lunches!

DD, weekly lunch customer.

I enjoyed last week's meals and am loving this week's. I've nibbled on just about everything (couldn't resist). Finished up the shrimp for breakfast and have started on the spinach salad. Both fabulous!

PS, weekly lunch customer.
  • Become a lunch customer and on Monday, I will deliver five different, wholesome lunches for you to enjoy during the week (in microwaveable containers.) The cost of five lunches, delivered, is $50.00 per week. The cost of ten lunches, delivered, is $90 per week. (There is great value to asking a spouse, co-worker, or neighbor to join you in this culinary treasure!)
  • Imagine looking forward
    to lunch, and leaving your lunchtime with a happy tummy, ready to take on
    the rest of your day!
  • Catering by Linda