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Sushi Night!

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Home-made sushi! We were all having a craving...

Jack has been craving sushi recently. When the warm weather comes, the kids always ask for something “cold” for dinner.  Not wanting them to eat ice cream for dinner EVERY night, we have sushi a few times during the Summer months.  Usually one of the kids is available to help me make it.  Today, Natalie helped out.  Perhaps you can tell by the way the plates are decorated by the fake grass?  We made the sticky rice, put our favorite fillings in side, and even personalized a few with spicy sauce for me.  Some had crab, some had shrimp tempura, and some were strictly veggie.  ALL had avocado.  YUM!

Sushi is not hard to make, and like baking bread or making your sauce, it is a great way to take your mind off the stresses of daily life, and just enjoy the process of making great food.  I buy most of my ingredients (sushi rice, nori, panko bread crumbs, and toasted sesame seeds) at A Dong on New Britain Ave, but you can certainly find these items in the international section of most larger supermarkets.  The “art” of sushi-making is traditionally shared between friends, where one friend shows another how to make it, and provides that friend with the equipment to continue the tradition herself.  If any of you want to stop by and learn how to make sushi, just give me a head’s up on a hot Summer’s night.  And if you’re lucky, I will share my spicy sauce with you.

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Shrimp-Mango Spring Rolls with help from A Dong

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Last night, we had some family friends for dinner, and they were my guinea pigs for a couple new items.  One was a Mango Shrimp Spring Roll, and I found the recipe in booklet about using local, fresh ingredients.  I am not sure how a mango is local to CT, but I loved how the spring roll was totally low-fat, really fresh, and yummy!  I bought the spring roll wraps at ADong Supermarket in Elmwood.  I love going in there for staple items (soy sauce, rice, dumpling and spring roll wrappers) and then pushing myself out of my box to pick up something new to try!  If you have never been there, stop by sometime, and go in with an open mind!  (And try their fresh noodles– to die for!)

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