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photo 2 With the continued growth and popularity of social media, there seem to be more recipes and food-related articles making their way across my computer screen. Seemingly, all foodies have blogs, all ingredients come with recipe suggestions, and all good restaurant recipes are vulnerable to scrutiny and replication. I am certainly not complaining; just this past week, I referenced Copykat’s “Panera’s Broccoli and Cheddar Soup” and made Macaroni Grill’s Scallopini di Pollo for dinner. My business, like any other, is always evolving in order to keep up with these current demands, trends, and cravings. Interestingly enough, for the first time in 9 years as a caterer, I had a customer ask me to make recipes she had found on Pinterest. I searched her name on Pinterest, followed her, accessed her “Christmas Party ideas” folder, and dutifully printed out the recipes. At first, I was hesitant about making recipes that I hadn’t made before and was curious as to why she didn’t choose from my “tried and true” (and delicious) menu. In the end, however, I appreciated the challenge, welcomed the change, and pleased my customer with the items she had chosen based on the Pinterest photos.
Yet another recipe that crossed my desk this season was the chocolate molten lava cake, pictured in this post. My neighbor raved about it on Facebook, and quite honestly, I had forgotten how much I loved it. I decided to make it for family for Christmas, and it came out exceedingly well (I omitted the orange liqueur, and used Callebaut chocolate). It was an easy make-ahead, looked beautiful on the plate, and everyone swooned over it. I am including the recipe link here so that it makes its way across your computer screen, too. Pin it or print it. Either way, it’s a keeper.

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