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King’s Cakes for Mardi Gras

Our church hosted a Mardi Gras celebration on Tuesday night, and a Fat Tuesday party wouldn’t be complete without King’s Cake.  King’s Cake is a yeast bread, and it is usually braided, and usually has a filling in it.  I made 4 cakes altogether: 2 blueberry, 1 almond paste, and 1 pecan and brown sugar.  They were all popular, but the almond paste was Bill’s and my favorite, since we love anything with almond paste, and since I bought a 7-pound can during the holiday season, I could be extravagant in its use!  I braided the breads and they baked up beautifully.  I was sad when I had to drizzle confectioner’s sugar on top and sprinkle the traditional bright colors on the beautiful bronze braids!  The best part of a King’s Cake is the mystique of the “baby” that is hidden in each cake.  I found plastic babies at the Party Warehouse and my girls helped me hide one in each of the braided cakes.  Tradition holds that whoever gets the piece with the baby in it must make the cake next year.  It was fun to see who found the baby, and to hear their response to having to make the cake next year!  I think I better hang onto the King Cake recipe; my guess is that the baby recipients of this year will organize a mutiny when Fat Tuesday rolls around again next year…

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  1. Rennie Christensen says:

    Sounds and looks yummy. I may have to commute to your church. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. rich hollant says:

    I missed this?
    WHo got the baby?


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