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Introducing Authentic German Pretzels!

My friend Uwe has spent years perfecting the recipe and method by which he makes the most awesome pretzels.  Uwe is German, and some of his research has taken place in Germany, where he tasted pretzels all over the country, while talking to bread and pretzel bakers about their ingredients and techniques.  More research took place on the weekends, when he spent his free time making dough, kneading, forming, freezing, thawing, rising, and taste-testing the pretzels until he reached perfection.  (And I was so happy to be part of the taste-testing crew at a most recent Octoberfest party at Uwe’s house).  Uwe’s pretzels are both tasty and beautiful, and I am honored to have them be a part of my catering menu.  These authentic, Bavarian pretzels are delicious on their own, and are served with both a savory butter, in the German tradition, and with mustard, in the American tradition.  They are also amazing when they are stuffed with cheeses and meats!  Consider having Uwe make you a batch for your next shin-dig.  And then invite me over.  :)

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  1. Mary Jo Keating says:

    I have tasted these, and they ARE the BEST pretzels in the world!

  2. Ellen Thibeault says:

    We got lucky when we bought the last pretzel at the Bierfest today. It was the best pretzel me and my husband have ever eaten!


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