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Whoopie Pies

Legend has it that Whoopie Pies were given their name by the people who shouted, “WHOOPIE!” when they ate one.  Whether fact or fiction, I can understand where the story comes from.  The combination of rich chocolate and fluffy cream is reason to celebrate and yell whatever you want (“Give me another one!”)  In the search for the most amazing combination of outside and inside, I have been playing and tweaking recipes, and I am pretty close to perfection.  There are some people that like a frosting-type filling, while others like a marshmallow-type inside.  When I stacked the cooled whoopie pies on a plate, Alli came through the kitchen and took the whole platter with her.  It wasn’t until I caught her, sneaking through the dining room, that I decided her punishment would be to have to pose with them.  They are easy to pack for lunches, and freeze well (like there are ever “extras” that I can freeze!).  I also like individual desserts like these because, like cupcakes, a person can eat the whole thing and not have to share with anyone.  It’s like “portion-control” for “dessert-aholics.”   Whoopie!

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  1. Tracy says:

    And a beautiful model she is..! As I exclaim “HUMDINGER!” My vote is for the marshmellow filling inside. YUM!

  2. rich hollant says:

    Oh that Alli Wright.


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