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Happy Birthday, Mom!

My Mom turned 81 on Monday, October 4th, and my family gathered at the Cape this weekend to celebrate her birthday.  A few months ago, Mom had sent me the recipe for a Baumkuchen.  It was her mother’s favorite cake when they lived in Germany.  They moved here when she was 8 so she couldn’t remember how it tasted, but only that it was a special bakery treat for her mother.  When I researched recipes for the cake, as well as the method for making it, I learned that it is made in a special oven with a special rotisserie bar, where the baker would literally paint on the batter layer after layer.  When one thin layer had baked, another layer would be added.  Only the best of bakers were given the job of adding layers, since it was a hot, tedious job, and if it was not done correctly, the cake would be overdone and dry, or raw in the middle.  When a slice of cake was served, the diner would see rings of cake much like a cross-section of a tree trunk.  Some baumkuchens were drizzled with rum sauce and others were covered in chocolate (as if there was a choice!).  Most of them were made with almond paste, and some were vanilla.  I didn’t have time to purchase a special oven, so I improvised with small springform pans (only a true foodie would have two mini springforms) and a small Jell-O mold.  I painted a small layer of batter on the bottom of the pan, put it on the bottom rack of the oven using the broiler setting, and after each layer baked, I would pull it out and paint on another layer of batter.  Each of the cakes had about 20 layers, and the Jell-O mold had about 10 layers.  The resulting, 50-layer cake, is shown in the picture!

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  1. Tracy says:

    Amazing…did it taste as delicous as it looks? i am a foodie and have several springform pans, but kicked those darn jello molds to the curb years ago. Mine had a pin hole in it and it leaked out of the mold, and out of the fridge overnight…lovely mess! Nice Job!


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Catering by Linda