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Cupcakes with Flair

I was asked to bring treats to the reception following the KP Singers last concert of the year, which took place tonight.  I made mini-cupcakes so guests could have a cupcake AND something else.

A couple tips for your next batch of cupcakes: Use clear vanilla for white frosting!  Regular vanilla is brown, and even a few drops can change the color of your white frosting to a light beige color.  You can buy clear vanilla at places that sell cake-decorating supplies.  Michael’s Craft Stores have it for sale near their Wilton pans and piping supplies.

To make your cupcakes extra special, melt a handful of chocolate chips over low heat in a small saucepan, pour into a piping bag (or if you don’t have one, use a Ziploc baggie and cut a small piece of the corner off of the baggie) and pipe designs onto waxed paper or onto a Silpat sheet, placed on a cookie sheet.  Pop the cookie sheet into the fridge until the designs harden, then peel the designs off the waxed paper and put them on top of your cupcakes!  Make sure to make extra as they can be fragile, and work quickly, especially on warm days!

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  1. rich hollant says:

    That’s dangerous… I bet I can eat ’em all and not realize I did so. Delicious seeming…


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Catering by Linda